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EnV2, Inc. is a full-service, high end residential design built general construction, landscaping and general engineering company. EnV2 specializes in sustainable high end landscaping and general engineering works for entire bay area by utilizing the concept of ecological design.

Our Mission: “Creating sustainable landscaping solutions for the bay area and aesthetically meeting customer's needs.”

Heeyoung Pyen - President and Chief Designer

Heeyoung has been designing and installing high end residential and commercial landscapes projects on the silicon valley areas for over 14 years and successfully finished numerous high end residential and commercial and public projects across Bay Area.

She earned her bachelor degree of landscape architecture in South Korea and earned Master of Science from the Department of Landscape Architecture in University of Wisconsin – Madison. She also studied Advanced Master of Design Program at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA.

Her practical and research interest are how to incorporate the ecological concepts into the forms, patterns in a holistic way and its relationships with the healing and therapeutic landscaping.

Peter Na - Project Manager and Senior Engineering Estimator

Mr. Na joined EnV2, Inc. since 2005. Mr. Na studied mechanical engineering in university of Berkeley. His specialty is to find the renovation engineering solutions of variety of aspects of landscaping and general engineering projects. Especially, he is interests in the water saving technics of current irrigation technologies and systems in such a drought season in CA.

Tomas Fernadez - Job Captain and Field Manager

Mr. Fernandez worked with Heeyoung , president of the company for 15 years starting from her previous company. He is the best person to understand and carry her design into the 3 dimensional physical worlds. His specialty is to form the hardscape configuration of landscape or design elements.